Work of industrial designer Work of industrial designer

1. Specification
The terms of reference necessary to account for the customer's requirements for formulation of the problem for designers, planners, technologists and other necessary personnel. At this stage the customer is the key word, and not only has the right to express their thoughts, but must do it. Starting work without a specification, which means that it will have to redo several times. Only amateur works without specification. A properly drafted terms of reference allows you to save time and money in the next phases of work.

Database Development Database Development

Regardless of the type of people and organizations in need of storage and processing of operational information, and the bulk of this information is usually organized in a database.

The high professional level of our employees and the accumulated successful experience in implementing complex systems and really complex, allows us to design, build and maintain highly loaded database, working with the vast array and the load of hundreds or thousands of client connections.

Highly qualified specialists of our organization and the quality as soon as possible for you to perform the full range of necessary work on the design and development of the database.

Graphic Design Graphic Design

Graphic design - concept, design, drawing, drawing a specific area of ??art and design activity, which aims to create visual messages disseminated through mass media. This industry is relatively new design, the official date of her birth is considered to be 1964, when the First Congress of the International Society organizations graphic design IInternational Council of Designers Associations.

Graphic design is quite different from the design of property, whose mission - to make a comfortable and beautiful that surrounds a person in everyday life. In this regard, many experts are working artists - designers of automobiles, machine tools, machinery, household appliances, developers, designers of furniture, the creators of fashion, shoes, workers of similar artists.

Hosting Hosting

Years pass, and hosting is just beautiful. If the old lullaby hosting company has provided a place on the server, and difficult to access, this is now a set of tools and services that make possible to remotely administer their own projects, database management, mail server setup, installation permits, etc. And this is just the beginning, so we understand all the little tricks of hosting.

Purchase of virtual hosting is when the clock access to the disk quota of the hosting provider. At the same time on one carrier can be located several tens or even hundreds of sites neighbors. In this scenario, while ensuring the site is equally shared by the CPU time and DDR3 PC memory. The user has the opportunity to "manage" the resources allocated to: assign access rights to install scripts and manage their own files. The downside is that you can install additional modules and software on the server. On the other hand, there are a host can then elicit a particular function for a fee. In general, any manifest problem with the server or its software is decided solely by administrators host. It is worth noting another important feature: all of the sites virtual hosting using a single channel, which at peak times can tell at work sites all at once.

Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, etc.) - is working to raise the position of the site in search engines for some users' requests. According to statistics, the transitions to the site are made mostly from search engines. You do not need proof, just imagine: you need some information, where you go? Of course, on Google.

When the search engine will give you the sites at your request, you will begin to look for the appropriate resource from the top down, starting from the first page. This is logical, as is often the first five links, and have what you need. You do not climb on the one hundredth page, which means that all the resources that occupy the lowest position in the search, will be left without your attention.'s logo design services

Logo - is a flag for any commercial organization. With the help of the image potential clients and customers know the firm in the market, its associate in relation to other brands. However, unlike the coat of arms, where medieval knights have tried to reflect the most complete information about yourself, the logo can contain a minimum of design data, to be a symbol.

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